Tailored Socks Strategy

Socks color samples - Claudia Facenti, Tailored Socks StrategistAs a Tailored Socks Strategist, I offer you a complete service, not only a product, fully managing and organizing the production of your socks:

  1. I assist you from the initial concept of your socks collection.
  2. I offer my advice in regards to stylistic and technical research
  3. I produce your orders, from design to production, ensuring the meeting of deadlines.
  4. I collaborate with the best socks knitters to provide you with your 100% Made in Italy socks

My work does not end with delivery, but it continues to support you with your project.


I’ll follow through with competence in the Italian handicraft world, among high-quality yarns and attention to detail, colors and innovative textures, in a delicate balance between Italian tradition and cosmopolitan taste.



My goal is:


  • Take your collection to be the starting point of many other
  • Provide you with excellent socks featuring real Italian taste
  • Create a discreet and exclusive luxury product



Are you thinking of a new socks project and you need an exchange of views?




I will be happy to listen to you.